There are a few CCTV packaged software systems that do whatever it is they are supposed to do. But often, they only work with one camera type and if you need some customization, it cannot be done quickly and cost effectively. As we are the software creators, it’s a very different story with us. Whatever additional features you want, you simply tell us and as long as it makes some commercial sense we’ll do it.

Recording and playing back video is not rocket science, but when you have hours and hours of recordings to review, finding something important can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. In a climate of recession and job cut-backs, the software needs to take over what used to be the domain of human beings. So, Vurella and its team made the software very intelligent. What a security guard used to do, the software now does, by understanding movement of the pixels in the camera image. Tell it what you want it to recognize, and it will send alarms and alerts to pre-designated individuals. And what’s more, it has been known for humans to fall a sleep on the job, but the software will be awake 24 hours a day.

In the real world, if you want to know whether someone is entering a no-go zone, you employ a man to watch the cameras. If an intruder is spotted, he telephones a manager and security is sent to site. Now we write into the software special code to monitor the pixels in the camera image. If the pixels don’t move, we know there are no intruders. If they do move, then the software will send an alert in any way you want it to, to one or more of the designated individuals. That’s movement.

What about non-movement? In exactly the same way we can detect non-motion. We can tell the software to alert if a package is left in a destination where packages should not be stationary, like an airport. We can even refine this to a single line. Imagine that we wanted to monitor a door. We could install an invisible tripwire which would alert when the laser is broken. Now we simply place the tripwire in the software and align it with the camera lens. Now we know exactly the same thing without the need for James Bond-type devices being installed

The full-on package is a desktop application which is feature rich. It is camera make and model agnostic which means that you do not have the expense of replacing your customer’s cameras, if there is some existing infrastructure. Whatever the brands, whether they are IP or analogue, we can bring all of the video images together into a single browser. However, in the new world of mobiles, we can give you a web browser version which will allow whoever you designate to receive alerts but also to view the camera in real time from his or her Android or iPhone device.